House Of Cards ushers in a new era of television

If you don’t have Net­flix, find a friend who does and watch House of Cards. House of Cars is a polit­i­cal drama that was launched Feb­ru­ary first of this year by inter­net movie site Net­flix. The pop­u­lar movie site took a bit of a gam­ble on this project. While there are many sites that pro­vide other net­works’ shows to a pay­ing audi­ence, it is a bit unusual that a site would start pro­duc­ing shows of its own. There have been a few past exam­ples pro­duced on youtube and some other video host­ing sites, but it is rather unprece­dented for a web site to take on such a large project. So far though, the gam­ble seems to be pay­ing off for Net­flix. House Of Cards cur­rently has a rat­ing of nine out of ten stars on the pop­u­lar media web site IMDb.

The show, which is directed by David Fincher, is extremely well crafted. The main story revolves around a Fran­cis Under­wood, played by Kevin Spacey. After help­ing a new pres­i­dent get elected into office, he is betrayed. Fran­cis Under­wood with his greater polit­i­cal expe­ri­ence swears to take revenge. Using his con­nec­tions and strong grasp of the polit­i­cal sys­tem he slowly works way towards dis­cred­it­ing the pres­i­dent and his admin­is­tra­tion. The act­ing in the series is excel­lent. The whole cast puts on an extremely con­vinc­ing dis­play. Fre­quently using the lit­er­ary tech­nique of the aside the audi­ence is able to get into the mind of Fran­cis Under­wood. When he speaks directly to the cam­era the audi­ence is able to grasp his anger and deter­mi­na­tion to pun­ish those who wronged him. The set­ting for the show clearly shows the darker side of Wash­ing­ton. Filled with mas­sive color con­trasts between white and black the set­ting leads view­ers to believe that there always some­thing a bit sin­is­ter occur­ring dur­ing the show.

The part that excites me the most about show is not based on the act­ing or cin­e­matog­ra­phy. It’s the fact that the show is doing so well. Since the show is put on by Net­flix there are no com­mer­cials that inter­rupt the view­ing. With­out the com­mer­cials House of Cards gen­er­ates lit­tle money from adver­tise­ments. This means that, like the rest of Netflix’s shows, House of Cards must be a show the peo­ple want to watch for it to make money. I believe that is could be the begin­ning of a new era of tele­vi­sion shows where shows must focus on their fan base rather than their adver­tise­ment rev­enue. Hope­fully House of Cards is the first of many shows to be pro­duced on the inter­net where the story takes the front seat.
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