House Of Cards ushers in a new era of television

If you don’t have Netflix, find a friend who does and watch House of Cards. House of Cars is a political drama that was launched February first of this year by internet movie site Netflix. The popular movie site took a bit of a gamble on this project. While there are many sites that provide other networks’ shows to a paying audience, it is a bit unusual that a site would start producing shows of its own. There have been a few past examples produced on youtube and some other video hosting sites, but it is rather unprecedented for a web site to take on such a large project. So far though, the gamble seems to be paying off for Netflix. House Of Cards currently has a rating of nine out of ten stars on the popular media web site IMDb.

The show, which is directed by David Fincher, is extremely well crafted. The main story revolves around a Francis Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey. After helping a new president get elected into office, he is betrayed. Francis Underwood with his greater political experience swears to take revenge. Using his connections and strong grasp of the political system he slowly works way towards discrediting the president and his administration. The acting in the series is excellent. The whole cast puts on an extremely convincing display. Frequently using the literary technique of the aside the audience is able to get into the mind of Francis Underwood. When he speaks directly to the camera the audience is able to grasp his anger and determination to punish those who wronged him. The setting for the show clearly shows the darker side of Washington. Filled with massive color contrasts between white and black the setting leads viewers to believe that there always something a bit sinister occurring during the show.

The part that excites me the most about show is not based on the acting or cinematography. It’s the fact that the show is doing so well. Since the show is put on by Netflix there are no commercials that interrupt the viewing. Without the commercials House of Cards generates little money from advertisements. This means that, like the rest of Netflix’s shows, House of Cards must be a show the people want to watch for it to make money. I believe that is could be the beginning of a new era of television shows where shows must focus on their fan base rather than their advertisement revenue. Hopefully House of Cards is the first of many shows to be produced on the internet where the story takes the front seat.
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