Opinion: Next stop: Ft. Lauderdale?

Even though I have been sick for over a week, I braved the snow over the week­end in search of some­thing amaz­ing to write about. What did I find out? Well, aside from my urge to ran­domly bust out my sig­na­ture robot move, I came to the real­iza­tion that I am get­ting boring.

That’s right; I am accept­ing my fate of get­ting too old to have those wild and crazy nights any­more. Let’s look at the facts. I am 25 years old and usu­ally in bed by 10. My radio sta­tion of choice is Kool 101.7, but that doesn’t mat­ter any­ways because I don’t go any­where any­more. Rather than get­ting dressed up for a night on the town, I would much rather sit at home in my paja­mas and watch Alaska State Troop­ers or reruns of Roseanne. Don’t even get me started on my love of word finds…

Even worse than my choice of tele­vi­sion, was my inabil­ity to stay out past mid­night last Sat­ur­day night. Did that really hap­pen? Yes, it did. I used to be able to go out all night and then go to work. Now if I have two drinks, I wake up with a hangover.

Lis­ten to the voice of rea­son young­sters, right now you might think that par­ty­ing is the shit and you can’t imag­ine why peo­ple give it up, but give it a few years and you will won­der how you sur­vived it.

What did I learn from all my wild nights? Good ques­tion… I learned that there are much more impor­tant ways to spend my time. Also, I have a lot of sto­ries that are so great I couldn’t make them up.

I am not say­ing that I will never go out again, but I am say­ing that it just isn’t as much fun as it used to be. Every night used to be a new adven­ture, but now it’s the same shit dif­fer­ent day. Hmm… maybe I’m not old yet. Maybe I am just stuck in a rut?

Hangover CatPhotobucket.com

This cat is tired of par­ty­ing and just wants a good nights rest

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