April fools: Students outraged at disappearance of beloved reflection room

Felicity Bosk -- The Stinger
Reflection Room

Students are now outraged that the reflection room located on the third floor of Old Main  is being removed to make way for more administrative offices. The offices will house the newest head of Environmental Impact, which many on campus have expressed, was a much needed department. Students, still, are enraged that they had to use the reflection room for this purpose.

“They could have put these offices in so many different places,” said sophomore John Graham. “Like Old Mains basement or somewhere else students don’t frequently use for reflection.”

“I go to the reflection room before and after every test. It just helps me focus and keep calm,” said senior Kelly Stevens.

Students have been picketing outside of Old Mains doors since the announcement was made. Many of the administration have taken notice, but none have responded.  The students next step is to go into the reflection room when the remodelers come. They will refuse to move until an agreement comes to allow them to keep their beloved space.

“I only choose to come to UWS when I found out they had a reflection room. I can’t imagine our campus–our community–without it,” said protest organizer Geoffrey Ray.

The reflection room, located in Old Main 318 was designed for individuals and groups to quietly reflect on whatever is subject to their reflection. There are two rooms; a large one and a smaller one. The large room has a few plants to give it an earthly feel and to always keep the air as fresh and clean as possible. There are also some small throw rugs to sit, pray, or meditate upon. The main rule is to keep your shoes at the door. It is a homey environment.

“I just really love that place,” continued Ray. “I know I’m speaking on behalf of all the students are UWS: We can not loose our reflection room.”


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