April fools: Students outraged at disappearance of beloved reflection room

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Reflec­tion Room

Stu­dents are now out­raged that the reflec­tion room located on the third floor of Old Main  is being removed to make way for more admin­is­tra­tive offices. The offices will house the newest head of Envi­ron­men­tal Impact, which many on cam­pus have expressed, was a much needed depart­ment. Stu­dents, still, are enraged that they had to use the reflec­tion room for this purpose.

They could have put these offices in so many dif­fer­ent places,” said sopho­more John Gra­ham. “Like Old Mains base­ment or some­where else stu­dents don’t fre­quently use for reflection.”

I go to the reflec­tion room before and after every test. It just helps me focus and keep calm,” said senior Kelly Stevens.

Stu­dents have been pick­et­ing out­side of Old Mains doors since the announce­ment was made. Many of the admin­is­tra­tion have taken notice, but none have responded.  The stu­dents next step is to go into the reflec­tion room when the remod­el­ers come. They will refuse to move until an agree­ment comes to allow them to keep their beloved space.

I only choose to come to UWS when I found out they had a reflec­tion room. I can’t imag­ine our campus–our community–without it,” said protest orga­nizer Geof­frey Ray.

The reflec­tion room, located in Old Main 318 was designed for indi­vid­u­als and groups to qui­etly reflect on what­ever is sub­ject to their reflec­tion. There are two rooms; a large one and a smaller one. The large room has a few plants to give it an earthly feel and to always keep the air as fresh and clean as pos­si­ble. There are also some small throw rugs to sit, pray, or med­i­tate upon. The main rule is to keep your shoes at the door. It is a homey environment.

I just really love that place,” con­tin­ued Ray. “I know I’m speak­ing on behalf of all the stu­dents are UWS: We can not loose our reflec­tion room.”


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