Band Review: Silverstein

If you are a fan of the post-hardcore genre, more than likely you have at least heard of Sil­ver­stein. Hav­ing been around since 2000, they were a major force in the resur­gence of post-hardcore. They released their first full-length album in 2003. That album sold over 200,000 copies, much to the sur­prise of the band, who had not expected to be a top seller on Vic­tory records so soon.

The new album, enti­tled This Is How the Wind Shifts, is an amaz­ing album by the stan­dards of any­one who is a fan of the type of music they play. Sil­ver­stein finds a way to make the music that they have been mak­ing for the past 13 years sound fresh and orig­i­nal. This is How the Wind Shifts was writ­ten as a con­cept album, mean­ing that it tells a story, and the story this album tells is some­thing that we can all relate to. Accord­ing to lyri­cist Shane Told “The idea of this album is how a per­sons life can change for­ever with just one event. It is the “what if” that every­one thinks about from time to time.”

The sound of the album is a com­bi­na­tion of being much heav­ier, and much lighter than past albums. The songs that are done in a more hard­core style are heav­ier than before because 1) Sil­ver­stein has a new, more tal­ented lead gui­tarist who can add some pretty gnarly screams, and 2) Pri­mary vocal­ist Shane Told has evolved greatly over time. It was 3 years since the last Sil­ver­stein album was released and you can hardly rec­og­nize Shane’s screams. Also this is the first full-length album by Sil­ver­stein not to be writ­ten under the guise of Vic­tory Records, whom the band has had dif­fi­cul­ties with in the past. This newly granted free­dom in the writ­ing and record­ing process makes it the most hon­est Sil­ver­stein album since their self-released mate­r­ial in 2002. The album can be con­sid­ered lighter in the areas of Shane’s singing. For how much he pro­gressed in scream­ing, he pro­gressed even fur­ther in his abil­ity to sing clean vocals too. He has improved on switch­ing between clean vocals and scream­ing, some­thing he has been praised for in the past.

Many fans of hard­core music have for­got­ten about Sil­ver­stein in recent years after a string of mediocre, cookie cut­ter albums. How­ever, Sil­ver­stein is back with a vengeance, with full sup­port from long time fans, and with This is How the Wind Shifts, they will be gain­ing more atten­tion again amongst the hard­core scene. I would greatly rec­om­mend any­one who is look­ing for new music to check out this album. You will have a roller-coaster ride of emo­tions while lis­ten­ing. One moment you will be mosh­ing about your room destroy­ing things in the process, and the next moment you will be falling asleep to Shane Told singing in your ear about how he never wanted to let you go.

Album Rat­ing 4.5/5

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