Review: Zenith City Indie Wedding Show

Hailey Ribich

I’ll admit it. I’m not planning on getting married for a while. Taken? Yes. But marriage is a while away. None the less, I found myself at The Zenith City Indie Wedding Show this past Sunday.

A friend of mine is engaged and invited me along. The event was held in the Clyde Iron Works building in Duluth. The room was set around a runaway, with booths for various wedding companies such as Derick Cich, makeup artisan, surrounding the chairs set for the fashion show and various performances. The runaway held the Sound of Strings, a four piece orchestra hoping to book a wedding.

“This year the bridal expo really stepped it up a notch from last year,” said model and UWS freshman Hailey Ribich. “It is always so great to see members of the community gather and put something together that can showcase all the local materials and talent.”

When the brides and family members first entered, they were encouraged to talk with vendors. The balcony, overlooking the first floor on three sides, held invisible vendors to the people on the first floor.

The second floor held a couple of bakeries, an ice cream booth, some entertainment options, and accessory companies. The Buttercup Factory offered three types of cupcakes for samples, a vanilla bean, red velvet with cocoa, and chocolate. The red velvet was arguably the best.

Moving past, a milliner, or hat maker, had beautiful older style hats. A black fedora, green top hat, and a couple of those old pancake hats sat atop a hat tree. From hats to ice cream, Bridgemans had an ice cream bar set up. Carmalicious was an interesting ice cream flavor, especially when you add crushed chocolate cookies to it. It turned out delicious.

Eman’s belly dancing had glittery top hats for ladies decorated with dazzling beads, rhinestones, feathers, and lace. They had those sparkly pancake hats, feathered hair clips, and everything outrageous that you would expect from a belly dancing company.
Downstairs, the belly dancer took the stage. Her glittery outfit moved and jingled with her swirling hips and arms. The fashion show was about to start, and the models were living mannequins attempting to steal a brides heart, desires, and earn their money. Walking around in four inch heels, teased hair, and bright, colorful makeup, the girls were dressed to impress.

“I was absolutely in love with my hair and makeup this year,” said Ribich. “I couldn’t imagine having anyone else do my makeup for an event now that I know what Derick is capable of.”

The lights danced out the high windows, reflecting off the walls and back into the room. Brides sipped on wine and watched the fashion show attentively.

“The best part of the show was definitely getting to know the other models and being treated like royalty for a day,” smiled Ribich.

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