The “White Problem”

Nate Hanninen -- The Stinger

Diversity has always been a topic in America since the beginning of the country. The past policies of previous generations have led to a social gap between some cultural and racial groups and through the 20th and 21st there have been many people trying to remove that stigma from the culture as well as other trying to make it stand. A college campus is no exception to that diversity and in some cases experiences it to an even higher level due to the common goal of educational prosperity being shared across the board. However, there are some people who believe that by other nations sending their students to become educated it is a way to force diversity onto our area. A few individuals have even gone so far to email the Chancellor with their contention of this issue as well as the popular “unfair campaign” that seeks to point out white privileged.

One of those individuals wrote an e-mail to chancellor Watcher and trough up his definition of what he felt was genocide on the UW-Superior campus. This individual believes that through other nations sending their students to america they are mixing in and diluting the racial bases on America. He was speaking to the idea of white versus other racial groups. He declared it a “problem throughout Western Civilization.”

The unfair campaign is the exact opposite to this point of view and through support of institutions like UW-Superior finds itself seeking to educate anyone and everyone regardless of skin color or nation of origin. They are fighting the idea of “ institutionalized” racism. That is the idea where racial inequality comes from the system being racist and the individuals within that system following suit.

However, those individuals believe this is a kind of forced integration that is being made to take place and spoke of their discomfort of this new direction the educational system has taken in the last half of the last century and the beginning of this one.

Despite their very key differences on this issue these two groups continue to show us that diversity, wanted or not, remain a contended issue here on the UW-Superior campus.

Nate Hanninen -- The Stinger
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