The “White Problem”

Nate Han­ni­nen — The Stinger

Diver­sity has always been a topic in Amer­ica since the begin­ning of the coun­try. The past poli­cies of pre­vi­ous gen­er­a­tions have led to a social gap between some cul­tural and racial groups and through the 20th and 21st there have been many peo­ple try­ing to remove that stigma from the cul­ture as well as other try­ing to make it stand. A col­lege cam­pus is no excep­tion to that diver­sity and in some cases expe­ri­ences it to an even higher level due to the com­mon goal of edu­ca­tional pros­per­ity being shared across the board. How­ever, there are some peo­ple who believe that by other nations send­ing their stu­dents to become edu­cated it is a way to force diver­sity onto our area. A few indi­vid­u­als have even gone so far to email the Chan­cel­lor with their con­tention of this issue as well as the pop­u­lar “unfair cam­paign” that seeks to point out white privileged.

One of those indi­vid­u­als wrote an e-mail to chan­cel­lor Watcher and trough up his def­i­n­i­tion of what he felt was geno­cide on the UW-Superior cam­pus. This indi­vid­ual believes that through other nations send­ing their stu­dents to amer­ica they are mix­ing in and dilut­ing the racial bases on Amer­ica. He was speak­ing to the idea of white ver­sus other racial groups. He declared it a “prob­lem through­out West­ern Civilization.”

The unfair cam­paign is the exact oppo­site to this point of view and through sup­port of insti­tu­tions like UW-Superior finds itself seek­ing to edu­cate any­one and every­one regard­less of skin color or nation of ori­gin. They are fight­ing the idea of “ insti­tu­tion­al­ized” racism. That is the idea where racial inequal­ity comes from the sys­tem being racist and the indi­vid­u­als within that sys­tem fol­low­ing suit.

How­ever, those indi­vid­u­als believe this is a kind of forced inte­gra­tion that is being made to take place and spoke of their dis­com­fort of this new direc­tion the edu­ca­tional sys­tem has taken in the last half of the last cen­tury and the begin­ning of this one.

Despite their very key dif­fer­ences on this issue these two groups con­tinue to show us that diver­sity, wanted or not, remain a con­tended issue here on the UW-Superior campus.

Nate Han­ni­nen — The Stinger
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