Band review: Imagine Dragons

There has been a lot of talk about an up and coming band who has been receiving a large amount of air time latley. They’re an American Indie Rock band called Imagine Dragons. Their most recent and first length album is entitled Night Visions, and it has launched Imagine Dragons into the mainstream. They have also released 5 EP’s since they formed in 2008. The first single off Night Visions is entitled It’s Time, and if you have turned on any radio in the past month or so, you have most likely heard this song. With a catchy chorus and upbeat message, there is no wonder why this song has taken the radio by storm.

The next single off the album was entitled Hear Me. This song is a little different than It’s Time and didn’t convey the same message, nor was it as catchy. It was a great song in its own right, and it performed moderately well in the UK. Imagine Dragons wasn’t gone for too long though, releasing the song Radioactive as the next single. This song has been doing very well in the US and is receiving a considerate amount of radio play. Aside from radio play, the song has also been featured on a few video game trailers and on television show commercials.

If you like any of the three songs that Imagine Dragons have released as singles, I would highly recommend picking up the album Night Visions. The entire album is full of catchy songs that, for the most part, portray the band in a positive and upbeat manner. Like any other band there are a few slower and more depressing songs, but those songs are still very catchy, and you will catch yourself singing along to every single song on the album. I would not be surprised to hear the song On Top of the Worldreleased as a single in the near future. It is catchier and even more upbeat than It’s Time, and shows a wider variety of musicianship. All in all I would have to say that even though it is Imagine Dragon’s very first album, they are going to be around for quite a while as a breakthrough indie rock act, and no one should be surprised to hear them in the future.

Imagine Dragons
Night Visions album cover
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