Band review: Imagine Dragons

There has been a lot of talk about an up and com­ing band who has been receiv­ing a large amount of air time lat­ley. They’re an Amer­i­can Indie Rock band called Imag­ine Drag­ons. Their most recent and first length album is enti­tled Night Visions, and it has launched Imag­ine Drag­ons into the main­stream. They have also released 5 EP’s since they formed in 2008. The first sin­gle off Night Visions is enti­tled It’s Time, and if you have turned on any radio in the past month or so, you have most likely heard this song. With a catchy cho­rus and upbeat mes­sage, there is no won­der why this song has taken the radio by storm.

The next sin­gle off the album was enti­tled Hear Me. This song is a lit­tle dif­fer­ent than It’s Time and didn’t con­vey the same mes­sage, nor was it as catchy. It was a great song in its own right, and it per­formed mod­er­ately well in the UK. Imag­ine Drag­ons wasn’t gone for too long though, releas­ing the song Radioac­tive as the next sin­gle. This song has been doing very well in the US and is receiv­ing a con­sid­er­ate amount of radio play. Aside from radio play, the song has also been fea­tured on a few video game trail­ers and on tele­vi­sion show commercials.

If you like any of the three songs that Imag­ine Drag­ons have released as sin­gles, I would highly rec­om­mend pick­ing up the album Night Visions. The entire album is full of catchy songs that, for the most part, por­tray the band in a pos­i­tive and upbeat man­ner. Like any other band there are a few slower and more depress­ing songs, but those songs are still very catchy, and you will catch your­self singing along to every sin­gle song on the album. I would not be sur­prised to hear the song On Top of the Worldreleased as a sin­gle in the near future. It is catch­ier and even more upbeat than It’s Time, and shows a wider vari­ety of musi­cian­ship. All in all I would have to say that even though it is Imag­ine Dragon’s very first album, they are going to be around for quite a while as a break­through indie rock act, and no one should be sur­prised to hear them in the future.

Imag­ine Dragons
Night Visions album cover
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