Opinion: Winter in its deathroes

Nate Han­ni­nen — The Stinger

I don’t know if any­one else can feel it, but over the last few days I’ve started to feel the scent of spring in the air. Even after Sunday’s bliz­zard there just seemed to be a lit­tle tinge of warmer things to come when I stepped out my door on Tues­day morn­ing. Sure, we haven’t seen the last of the snow by any stretch of the imag­i­na­tion, but who’s gonna miss those giant snow piles? Who’s going to miss get­ting their shoes soaked step­ping through half-melted piles of slush and water? I won’t.

I have to admit, I really enjoy the win­ter. There’s not much more serene than the silence brought on by a heavy snow­fall. But then the real­ity returns the next day that win­ter is just a big, nasty mess as well, try­ing to dodge giant pud­dles of freez­ing water and nasty-colored slush and try­ing not to slip and fall down in ran­dom places on the ice, and try­ing to get where you’re going across ice­fields and partially-shoveled sidewalks.

So for me, the “scent” of warmer weather is some­thing to get excited about. Like I said, I don’t hate win­ter with a pas­sion. I really enjoy some of the adven­tures it brings. But I don’t miss it when it’s gone.

Of course, the draw­back is that the spring brings another one of everybody’s favorite nui­sances back from the ether…mosquitoes.

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