Opinion: Winter in its deathroes

Nate Hanninen -- The Stinger

I don’t know if anyone else can feel it, but over the last few days I’ve started to feel the scent of spring in the air. Even after Sunday’s blizzard there just seemed to be a little tinge of warmer things to come when I stepped out my door on Tuesday morning. Sure, we haven’t seen the last of the snow by any stretch of the imagination, but who’s gonna miss those giant snow piles? Who’s going to miss getting their shoes soaked stepping through half-melted piles of slush and water? I won’t.

I have to admit, I really enjoy the winter. There’s not much more serene than the silence brought on by a heavy snowfall. But then the reality returns the next day that winter is just a big, nasty mess as well, trying to dodge giant puddles of freezing water and nasty-colored slush and trying not to slip and fall down in random places on the ice, and trying to get where you’re going across icefields and partially-shoveled sidewalks.

So for me, the “scent” of warmer weather is something to get excited about. Like I said, I don’t hate winter with a passion. I really enjoy some of the adventures it brings. But I don’t miss it when it’s gone.

Of course, the drawback is that the spring brings another one of everybody’s favorite nuisances back from the ether…mosquitoes.

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