News from the first Student Government meeting of 2013

Kirsten Scheid -- The Stinger

The first meeting of the Student Government Association for Spring of 2013 mostly involved standard housekeeping issues, with the resignation of Senator Dana Jacobson and the confirmation of Kara Schmidt to Director of Segregated University Fees Allocation Committee (SUFAC). Former Director Marshall Hansberry has been accepted as senator representing Politics, Law and Justice, and Social Inquiry.

Lynne Williams from the University Relations Department was on hand to talk to the senators about the results of the market research testing. There will be more focus groups on Thursday afternoon checking consumer response to the new advertising campaign aimed at improving recruitment to University of Wisconsin – Superior.

Reporting for Chancellor Wachter, Williams also mentioned the ongoing Higher Learning Commission accreditation process, saying that the full study can be accessed off the UW-S home page. There is also a link for providing feedback, an important part of the accreditation process. Chancellor Wachter is in Madison this week, attending Business Days.

United Council will be taking up the issues of tuition equity and fair housing in the near future, according to Executive Director Joe Stensland. There is also talk of re-instituting a tuition cap and negotiating with Governor Scott Walker over funding for the Flexdegree program.

And finally, after being in demand in many places, the piano that used to live under the stairs in Shippar Atrium of the Yellowjacket Union will be coming home.

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