Opinion: Where do we go to drink?

Every college town has its favorite hang-out spot, where all the students gather on Thursdays, Fridays, or Saturdays after the big game. Well, when you are in Superior, Wisconsin, it doesn’t really work like that.

Trying to find the crowd on a Friday or Saturday can be difficult because UW-Superior students don’t have a place they go to every time. UWS students like every bar they go to, but didn’t give a reason for not going to the same bar every time. One weekend, everyone might go to Aces because it has a promotion or themed party. Another weekend, a big group of students will be at Norms, drinking the famous Shark Tank. And another weekend, students want to get their boogie on at Ropers.

Normally, the party starts at a person’s house. There is never one BIG party on a weekend. A Saturday night can consist of two, three, or four different parties or gatherings. These usually start around 8 p.m. and happen simultaneously. UWS students roll-through each party, mingling and talking with friends. Usually around 11 p.m., people want to head out to the bars. One house might go to Aces, another to Norms, and another to Ropers or one of the other bars Superior has to offer.

While UWS may prefer one bar over another, no one bar is significant. Moods and driving distance are really the only factors that come into play when students chose a bar.

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