Opinion: Where do we go to drink?

Every col­lege town has its favorite hang-out spot, where all the stu­dents gather on Thurs­days, Fri­days, or Sat­ur­days after the big game. Well, when you are in Supe­rior, Wis­con­sin, it doesn’t really work like that.

Try­ing to find the crowd on a Fri­day or Sat­ur­day can be dif­fi­cult because UW-Superior stu­dents don’t have a place they go to every time. UWS stu­dents like every bar they go to, but didn’t give a rea­son for not going to the same bar every time. One week­end, every­one might go to Aces because it has a pro­mo­tion or themed party. Another week­end, a big group of stu­dents will be at Norms, drink­ing the famous Shark Tank. And another week­end, stu­dents want to get their boo­gie on at Ropers.

Nor­mally, the party starts at a person’s house. There is never one BIG party on a week­end. A Sat­ur­day night can con­sist of two, three, or four dif­fer­ent par­ties or gath­er­ings. These usu­ally start around 8 p.m. and hap­pen simul­ta­ne­ously. UWS stu­dents roll-through each party, min­gling and talk­ing with friends. Usu­ally around 11 p.m., peo­ple want to head out to the bars. One house might go to Aces, another to Norms, and another to Rop­ers or one of the other bars Supe­rior has to offer.

While UWS may pre­fer one bar over another, no one bar is sig­nif­i­cant. Moods and dri­ving dis­tance are really the only fac­tors that come into play when stu­dents chose a bar.

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