Heating issues in Ross Hall

Nate Hanninen

The recent frigid temperatures hitting the Duluth/Superior area are forcing the some residents of the UWS Campus to bundle up as they head into their respective buildings. The journey to class is a little harder for those living in Ross hall.

Over the last few weeks, Ross hall has been undergoing major renovations as part of the overall renovation of the UW-S campus.  That includes specific projects for each of the buildings on campus, Ross and Hawkes being currently the two major ones.

Ross is part of a specific initiative in association with its sister building Hawkes hall as a way to update the buildings infrastructure as well as incorporate new technologies to help the residents of the hall live with comfort and security as well as accessibility throughout sections of the building.

Included in the renovations of Ross is the revamping of its current system that is dated to the 1960s. This system is part of a larger system of heating that incorporates the entire UW-S campus of steam exchange that provides heat to every building on campus. However some students have had issues of a lack of heat in their dormitory and this may be due to other underlying factors included in the Ross renovation project.

Those factors include things like the insulation of windows or even the individual pipes that provide the heat simply have a blockage of air that prevents the steam from getting to where it needs to go.

Dusty Johnson of Facilities management spoke of only one major issue related to heating occurring a few weeks ago and said that any further issues were related to those other underlying factors related to insulation or room-specific problems.

Students who are still experiencing a lack of heat or any other major technical issue in their rooms are encouraged to call Residence Life at 715-394-8438 or contact  UWS Facilities Management  at 715-394-8120.

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