Stoneware Exhibit

When an artist has a lot of work, one may think it takes a lot of time.  Sometimes that’s true, and sometimes art doesn’t take that much time at all.  Nevertheless, making art is still hard work.  The show in Holden’s Third Floor Gallery is proof of this.

Grad student Brianna Deterling has approximately 75 stoneware cups and jars on display (plus a few porcelain) from a two week summer workshop.  All created on a wheel, the pieces were then stored inside a huge outdoor kiln and vitrified for 72 hours!  Working from 8:00 in the morning to 4:00 in the afternoon, Brianna and others constantly loaded the kiln with wood, taking many shifts to get the kiln to the right temperature.  Before loading, there was no time to brush a glaze onto the work, so instead they dunked them all in buckets filled with glaze and quickly loaded the kiln before the stoneware decayed.  The work done within those 72 hours show on the finished results of these ceramic pieces, which is fabulous.

“I strive for all my art to reach the accomplishment of beauty and the unmistakable title of art,” says Brianna in her artist statement.

These cups and jars, brown and tan like soil, come in smooth and ridged textures while never losing their shape of being ceramics, regardless that some take a more organic form.

For those still looking for a Holiday gift, cups and small jars are being sold for $10 and larger jars for $25.

Deterling has been creating ceramics for just about four years and endeavors to become a professor in the art.  From what’s presented in this show, she’s well on her way.

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