Stoneware Exhibit

When an artist has a lot of work, one may think it takes a lot of time.  Some­times that’s true, and some­times art doesn’t take that much time at all.  Nev­er­the­less, mak­ing art is still hard work.  The show in Holden’s Third Floor Gallery is proof of this.

Grad stu­dent Bri­anna Deter­ling has approx­i­mately 75 stoneware cups and jars on dis­play (plus a few porce­lain) from a two week sum­mer work­shop.  All cre­ated on a wheel, the pieces were then stored inside a huge out­door kiln and vit­ri­fied for 72 hours!  Work­ing from 8:00 in the morn­ing to 4:00 in the after­noon, Bri­anna and oth­ers con­stantly loaded the kiln with wood, tak­ing many shifts to get the kiln to the right tem­per­a­ture.  Before load­ing, there was no time to brush a glaze onto the work, so instead they dunked them all in buck­ets filled with glaze and quickly loaded the kiln before the stoneware decayed.  The work done within those 72 hours show on the fin­ished results of these ceramic pieces, which is fabulous.

I strive for all my art to reach the accom­plish­ment of beauty and the unmis­tak­able title of art,” says Bri­anna in her artist statement.

These cups and jars, brown and tan like soil, come in smooth and ridged tex­tures while never los­ing their shape of being ceram­ics, regard­less that some take a more organic form.

For those still look­ing for a Hol­i­day gift, cups and small jars are being sold for $10 and larger jars for $25.

Deter­ling has been cre­at­ing ceram­ics for just about four years and endeav­ors to become a pro­fes­sor in the art.  From what’s pre­sented in this show, she’s well on her way.

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