Jacket Java and Malt?

Monday night’s Student Government Meeting was a raucous affair. Blame it on end-of-the-term giddiness merging with the Senate members’ friendship. The gavel even got used. Frequently.

The biggest news out of the meeting was the passage of PR 1112-03, throwing the student senate’s support behind the idea of selling malt beverages and wine through A’viands. Preliminary thoughts are that the area around the Yellowjacket Union’s Jacket Java could be repurposed for the consumption of beer and wine, with strict controls on purchase and consumption. University of Wisconsin – Superior already has a Class B liquor license, with wine and beer being served at some catered events already. This initial resolution of support is merely the beginning of the conversation with the administration, the Yellowjacket Union board, and of course A’viands before anything will be decided.

The Segregated University Fee Allocation Committee (SUFAC) passed the 2013-2014 budget guidelines. The new system for allocation, developed with the help of Jeff Kahler of the Business office and SUFAC advisor, establishes two categories for student organizations; Category A for organizations that are more campus-based, and B for organizations that are more travel oriented. These two categories create a more equitable system for allocation of funds through the budget divisions of promotion, speakers and entertainment, capital (one-time purchases), non-capital (recurring expenses), food, and travel. Director Hansberry and Vice Director Schmidt both strongly encourage any organization with questions to come in for more explanation. They can be reached at the SGA office in the Yellowjacket Union.

SGA President Graham Garfield was able to go to the latest Board of Regents meeting. He reported that the University System’s Flex Degree program has jumped off the drawing table, and is being put into practice across the University system. The Flex Degree program was originally proposed to allow working people to earn degree credit for work experience without attending a formal class. This program is being promoted by Governor Scott Walker; in exchange for participation, some of the funds taken away during the budget “lapse” will be restored to schools in the UW system. UW-S will be launching two classes in the fall, possibly in the Visual Arts and Communication Arts fields. Classes taken in the Flex Degree program will have no time limits, and it is unclear how they are funded. The Board of Regents has also raised the cap on out-of-state students per UW school from 25% to 27.5%.

The meeting was adjourned around 9:45, with President Garfield thanking everybody for their hard work throughout the term.

Kirsten Scheid -- The Stinger
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