Graduate Spotlight: Michael Shaw

Jasmine Ayers — The StingerMichael Shaw is a senior majoring in English and double minoring in photography and writing. Michael considers both Moose Lake, MN and Cloquet, MN to be his hometowns due to the fact that his mom lives in Cloquet and his father lives in Moose Lake.
Before attending UWS, Michael was enrolled at Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College in Cloquet for a year. He decided to join the UWS community because he and his parents discussed his options and decided that UWS had more opportunities and a wider variety of educational courses.

Once Shaw arrived he realized that he really liked the “comfortable” campus, the variety of diverse people, and the relationships that students make between other students, along with their professors. He rarely leaves the campus so he’s able to take in the campus a bit more. He chooses not to leave the campus because he’s “not as fond of the cities. There are too many people and can be a bit too much sometimes.”

Shaw’s best memories at UW-Superior are the times when he had good days in classes and learned a variety of new subjects. With most classes came homework and Michael says that his craziest moments at UWS are the moments when he’s trying to keep up with homework.

Michael Shaw got the experience of looking at things differently and gaining an open mind while here at UWS. He says that he’s gained a lot of friends, whereas he used to do most things alone. “I’m much happier here,” says Michael. He mentions that he’s learned a lot of new things on many different subjects and has had a good time here.

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