Graduate Spotlight: Erica Schlangen

Jasmine Ayers -- The Stinger
Erica Schlangen is from Cold Spring, Minnesota and is double majoring in English and Art. Erica attended a previous college before coming to UW-Superior her junior year. Before enrolling at UW-Superior, Erica went to the University of Minnesota-Morris for two years. She decided to come to Superior for further educational programs. Someone who has helped her along with furthering her education is her favorite professor, Dr. Raychel Reiff.

What Erica likes most about UW-Superior is the library, “because it’s cozy, and it has a very comfortable feeling.” The library is the service that Schlangen uses the most here at UWS because she says it helps save money by not having to buy text books that she can just check out from the reserves. “It’s saved me a lot of money.” Erica may like being in the library but she also likes to participate in recreational activities such as the Olympics intramurals that we have on campus. She’s participated in the Olympics intramurals and enjoyed the experience. On campus characteristics are important to Erica, but she also likes the “small town feel” of the surrounding area. Schlangen mentions that even though Superior feels like a small town, it has a lot to offer, especially if you’re willing to drive a little ways.

Even though Erica likes many of the campus services and surroundings, she will walk away with a lot of good  memories that she has made at UWS. Her best memories here at UW-Superior are meeting her close nit group of friends and listening to Dr. Reiff’s laugh. Erica has had embarrassing moments at UWS as well, but Erica says, “There’s many.” Although Schlangen couldn’t think of an embarrassing moment at the top of her head, she did say that her craziest moment here was going around and writing on every single white board in Ross Hall her senior year (she’s a super super senior).

Out of all the years at UW-Superior, Erica believes that having gotten the knowledge of how to research has been the most helpful aspect to her and her education.



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