Graduate Spotlight: Dylan Eggen

Jas­mine Ayers — The StingerDylan Eggen, a senior and soon-to-be grad­u­ate, is from Bar­num, MN and is major­ing in Finance with­out a minor. Eggen  used to attend Fond du Lac Tribal and Com­mu­nity Col­lege, where he received his Asso­ciates Degree.  Eggen came to UWS because it is closer to home, cheap, and has a good busi­ness pro­gram.  What Dylan likes most about UWS are the ser­vices pro­vided in the Mar­covich Well­ness Cen­ter (MWC), the “nice” facil­i­ties, and the pro­fes­sors. Eggen’s favorite pro­fes­sor is David John­son, head of the Finance Dept.

Dylan’s best mem­o­ries come from all of the “good” peo­ple that he’s met as well as all of the rela­tion­ships that he’s made. One of the most mem­o­rable moments that he came up with was the first week­end that he came here; he won the half court shoot out for bas­ket­ball and got a prize.  Dylan’s most embar­rass­ing moment at UWS was after he gave a pre­sen­ta­tion called, Oba­ma­nomics, with two other peo­ple for a class. They didn’t start work­ing on the project until the night before it was due and the pro­fes­sor could tell so the pro­fes­sor called them out in front of the entire class.

Eggen learned over the years how to get the most out of the cam­pus com­mu­nity stu­dent ser­vices. The stu­dent ser­vices that Dylan has used through­out the years the most are the library, Swenson’s com­puter labs, and the MWC where he spends three to four hours of his time every other day. He’s only been in the bas­ket­ball club while here, but has enjoyed it thus far. The UW-Superior com­mu­nity isn’t the only aspect of the area that Dylan likes; he also loves being here in the fall because of all the “beau­ti­ful” surroundings.

Dylan Eggen has got­ten much out of being a stu­dent here at UWS, but what he believes he got the most of was the knowl­edge of mate­r­ial he received for his cho­sen pro­fes­sion and a broader view on diverse people.

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