Graduate Spotlight: Dylan Eggen

Jasmine Ayers — The StingerDylan Eggen, a senior and soon-to-be graduate, is from Barnum, MN and is majoring in Finance without a minor. Eggen  used to attend Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College, where he received his Associates Degree.  Eggen came to UWS because it is closer to home, cheap, and has a good business program.  What Dylan likes most about UWS are the services provided in the Marcovich Wellness Center (MWC), the “nice” facilities, and the professors. Eggen’s favorite professor is David Johnson, head of the Finance Dept.

Dylan’s best memories come from all of the “good” people that he’s met as well as all of the relationships that he’s made. One of the most memorable moments that he came up with was the first weekend that he came here; he won the half court shoot out for basketball and got a prize.  Dylan’s most embarrassing moment at UWS was after he gave a presentation called, Obamanomics, with two other people for a class. They didn’t start working on the project until the night before it was due and the professor could tell so the professor called them out in front of the entire class.

Eggen learned over the years how to get the most out of the campus community student services. The student services that Dylan has used throughout the years the most are the library, Swenson’s computer labs, and the MWC where he spends three to four hours of his time every other day. He’s only been in the basketball club while here, but has enjoyed it thus far. The UW-Superior community isn’t the only aspect of the area that Dylan likes; he also loves being here in the fall because of all the “beautiful” surroundings.

Dylan Eggen has gotten much out of being a student here at UWS, but what he believes he got the most of was the knowledge of material he received for his chosen profession and a broader view on diverse people.

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