Graduate Spotlight: Blake Melin

Jasmine Ayers -- The Stinger

Blake Melin is a senior here at the University of Wisconsin-Superior and has been since 2010. Blake is from Hermantown, Minn. and is majoring in journalism with a minor in writing.

UW-Superior isn’t the first college that Blake has attended. He first enrolled at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, ND. He came to UWS two years ago and has been here ever since. He says that he left UND because, “UND was horrible,” and it didn’t have a credited communications school.

Melin wanted to begin-a-new, so he transferred to the University of Wisconsin-Superior. He mentions that one of the aspects of UWS that he likes the most is the interpersonal communication with his professors, as well as the communication between the professors themselves.

“It’s interesting to be in a school where people between departments know eachother’s names. I never had that in North Dakota.” Blake also states that it seems to him as if the faculty cares a lot more about the students, where at UND, there were about 17,800 (when he left) students so there wasn’t that personal connection between students and faculty members as there is here.

To go along with students and their relationships with their professors, Blake has definitely chosen his favorite. Melin’s ideal professor is Susan Stanich. He loves how “blatantly honest” she is. “Susan will tell you when you’re not doing something right in a way that lets you keep your dignity. She’s also very complimentary. She always lets you know when you’re doing something right.”

Not only did Blake receive interpersonal communication between his professors, he also stated that he developed a higher level of maturity since transferring here. In UND, students would slander teachers in class if they made them upset. Having that be a part of his first college experience, he brought it here without knowing any better. He says his most embarrassing experience here was when a teacher pulled him aside after class to talk to him about it. That professor was Susan Stanich.

A professor-student relationship is only a small part of what Blake appreciates about this school and campus. He also likes the “gorgeous” surrounding area. Melin states that no matter what direction you face, there’s always cool terrain, not to mention there are also cities nearby if you’re willing to drive. “You have the best of all worlds.”

Blake loves the surrounding area, but he also likes the facilities and services within the campus as well. The service that UWS provides, that Blake uses the most he says, would have to be the computer labs. He mentions that he has grown attached to the UW-Superior sports games, especially hockey, considering he’s played hockey before.

Hockey here at UWS has a major part to do with one of Blake’s craziest moments here on campus. Melin’s craziest memory from UWS was when he dressed up as a bumble bee soldier, in black, white, and yellow face paint and went to a hockey game. It was out of complete randomness and no one, not even Buzz, knew that he was going to do it. So once he got out in front of the crowd with Buzz, he and Buzz had a fake fight.

Out of all of the memories Blake has created here at UW-Superior, his best memory is the day that he met his fiance, Alyssa Palmer.  They met in front of Tara Kachgal’s classroom in the Holden Fine Arts building on the first day of school in the spring of 2011.  He thought she was cute and said hi, and now the two are engaged!

Blake was most recently the web editor for the Stinger newspaper here on campus.  He has done many things while attending this college and hopes to go far in life once he graduates this Saturday.

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