Kruk’s Holiday Treat

With the end of the semester just around the corner, the Kruk Gallery’s last show of the year has been put up, featuring both graduate and undergraduate work.

This show has a bit of everything, and that means mixed media: paintings, drawings, photos, sculpture, ceramics, fibers, collage, and metal.  The subjects are as vast as the mediums, everything from flora, birds, people, dreamscapes, Hello Kitty, a chubby horse, and a human body with no head, arms, or legs.

“A nice variety of work,” one student complimented.

The exhibit is excellently laid out, providing enough space for walking and for the work to stand out.  Along with the variety, much of the work has a lot of physical texture that causes the visuals to pop, and they include tree branches, playing cards, cardboard, even flowers (not live ones).

It’s been a busy semester and one can only surmise how much work was put into making these pieces, but from what’s on display, it looks like the art students had a busy yet satisfying four months.  The show is up until December 21, so come on by to see the work for yourselves.

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