Athlete of the week: Jarrod Peterson

Jarrod Peterson

For Jarrod Peterson, shooting the three pointer is always a love of his. Peterson has tallied up 22 three point shots in just six games this season. He has also scored 120 points, over twice as many points he scored in 11 games last season (56). In all Peterson is worried about his team doing well and not himself, but his accolades have lead him to be our athlete of the week.

“It feels good, I think more importantly it’s about the team, but I think if one guy has stood out so far it’s been me.”

With Peterson doing much of the scoring load this season, it would be safe to say he is the emphasis on the offense, but he says it’s not that at all.

“It’s kind of hard to say that I’m the emphasis when you have a seven-footer on your team. Coach has been stressing going inside and out and he also told me I have the green light to shoot at any time, it just comes down to my judgement.”

The secret to his long range game is credited to his long hours in the gym and his love for the three point shot ever since he was a kid.

“I have always loved shooting them, ever since like fourth grade. I have also been in the gym everyday the past two summers just working on the three point shots but also my mid-range game.”

Peterson is a transfer student, transferring from a Division II college, Northern State in South Dakota. He was coached there by a legendary coach, Don Meyer. Meyer had the most wins as a college male coach until Duke Universities head coach, Mike Kryzewski in 2011. He also tutored Pat Summit, who has the most wins as a coach, male or female.

“I learned a lot about how to play the game of basketball and what it takes to be a college basketball player. I really think that one year at Northern State prepared really well.”

For the team in a whole they had some goals they wanted to match up to, but with a shaky start so far to the season and some tough losses by less than 10 points, Peterson is still hopeful about the goals.

“We want to host a home playoff game, which means we have to be in the top four, which to my knowledge has not happened at this school before. So realisticly we have to win 9 or 10 games so we opted for the 10-6 record in conference. Our overall goal is 19-6 on the year but that is going to take a lot of work from not only myself but the team too.”

With the teams record standing at 2-4 they need to get on a roll at the end of the year, but it’s Peterson and his attitude that might take this team to the next level. If you are to watch him at a game, you see him push a guy or be talking to a ref. He calls it competitiveness.

“I would say it’s competitiveness, it’s an attitude that has sort of been lacking since I have been here. The previous coach didn’t understand the way I played. I like to play with passion and fire, even though it’s Division III it’s not all fun and games. We are here to win.”

With a new coach this year at UWS, Peterson seems to fit well into his scheme of winning, and hopefully that translates into wins on paper as well.

Good luck the rest of the season to not only Jarrod Peterson but all UWS winter sport athletes!

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