Border Battle: Packers vs Vikings

On Sunday, December 2 the Yellowjacket Activity Crew (YAC), set up a flat screen T.V. for fans to come and enjoy the classic border battle between the Vikings and the Packers. Chelsey Carlson and Teri Cadeau, YAC’s special event coordinators, had been planning this event for a month before the day of the game. Carlson said that YAC has been holding this event for at least three years now when the two teams play each other.

A football toss was held during half-time with two shirts as prizes; one Green Bay Packers shirt and one Minnesota Vikings shirt.

Many students were coming and going throughout the game.  Looking around the room, most of the students happened to be Packers fan.

A student named Sarah Holland said that she loves the Green Bay Packers because her dad is a really big Packers fan so she’s grown up watching her dad support the Packers and throwing Packer parties; not to mention her boyfriend is from Green Bay as well. Holland says that she’s just sticking with the family team and adds, “Go Pack Go!”

Ariel Johnson, a student at UWS and a member of YAC, is a proud fan of the Minnesota Vikings. Ariel says that she’s a Vikings fan because she has really close friends who are Vikings fans and it rubbed off on her.

The Packers vs. Vikings game event was a way to get students together to watch something that interests them during this time of the season. Next, YAC plans to throw a Superbowl party in February.

The Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers went head to head Sunday afternoon at the Lambeau Field.  The Vikings lead the way in the first two quarters, but then the Packers pulled ahead in time to win the game. Packers won 23-14.  The two teams will meet once again for another border battle, this time on the Vikings home turf. The game is December 30.

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