A Night without a home

In America 3.5 million people go without homes every day. Of that 3.5 million, 25% are children.  Not only are these people homeless,  they don’t even have the proper hats and gloves to protect them from the cold during the harsh, long winters.

To raise awareness of this issue, RHA got together and decided to host a night dedicated to those suffering.  ‘Night Without A Home’ was the opportunity for students to experience what it would be like if they didn’t have a place to live.  However, that wasn’t its only purpose. For every student that came, RHA donated a hat or a pair of mittens to a homeless child in need. Over 50 students came out in support of the event.  Those who attended were able to roast hot dogs, make s’mores, and sip hot chocolate and coffee.  There were also snow ball fights, a campfire and a time for storytelling.

Although the night was fun, a lot of people continued referring to how cold they were and personally, I thought my toes were going to freeze off. The event really put into perspective for me that people deal with this everyday. The experience did provoke a thought; what if we really had to spend more than just one night without a home? I began to think about all the people who didn’t have a place to go that night and other nights to come. It lit a fire in me to become more active and to find out what more I could do to help the homeless. The experience for me was eye-opening and unforgettable. RHA did an excellent job planning and executing their events and I will look forward to participating in more like it.

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