Smoke free campus? Students say no!

Of the five col­leges in the Superior-Duluth area, UW-Superior is the only that allows the use of tobacco on cam­pus. The ques­tion of whether or not to join the other schools in ban­ning tobacco and being a “smoke-free cam­pus” is still up for debate. The Stinger inter­viewed many stu­dents to see what the student-body of UW-S thought of this.

Ques­tion: Do you want UW-S to be a smoke free cam­pus?
Yes: 5
No: 29

Chance Seible

A few stu­dents com­mented on smoking:

Alex Rafeal said, “It has its pros and cons, but over­all its the per­sons choice and I’m not going to tell them they can’t smoke outside.”

“It smells bad and is unpleas­ant to walk by,” Paul Van Keulen.

“I don’t smoke but I don’t think there should be more of has­sle for the peo­ple who do; who are we to tell them they can’t smoke here,” said Jas­mine Ayers.

“I think its appro­pri­ate and ade­quate to have des­ig­nated smok­ing areas where the impact of the smoke is min­i­mized as long as peo­ple fol­low the rules,” said Assis­tant pro­fes­sor Yvonne Rutford.

“I tend to avoid the smok­ing area; it doesn’t bother me, “says Riley Grand­son, “I’m not going to walk straight into the smoke or any­thing. Peo­ple should be free to do what they want.”

Blake Melin said, “I don’t want to deal with the smoke like most non smok­ers. I would only be for a smok­ing ban if they leave the dis­pensers out to use or else the ground will look like snow with all the cig­a­rette butts on the ground.”

“If there was a smok­ing ban I’d be late for class!” said Bre­anna Meagher.

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