Smoke free campus? Students say no!

Of the five colleges in the Superior-Duluth area, UW-Superior is the only that allows the use of tobacco on campus. The question of whether or not to join the other schools in banning tobacco and being a “smoke-free campus” is still up for debate. The Stinger interviewed many students to see what the student-body of UW-S thought of this.

Question: Do you want UW-S to be a smoke free campus?
Yes: 5
No: 29

Chance Seible

A few students commented on smoking:

Alex Rafeal said, “It has its pros and cons, but overall its the persons choice and I’m not going to tell them they can’t smoke outside.”

“It smells bad and is unpleasant to walk by,” Paul Van Keulen.

“I don’t smoke but I don’t think there should be more of hassle for the people who do; who are we to tell them they can’t smoke here,” said Jasmine Ayers.

“I think its appropriate and adequate to have designated smoking areas where the impact of the smoke is minimized as long as people follow the rules,” said Assistant professor Yvonne Rutford.

“I tend to avoid the smoking area; it doesn’t bother me, “says Riley Grandson, “I’m not going to walk straight into the smoke or anything. People should be free to do what they want.”

Blake Melin said, “I don’t want to deal with the smoke like most non smokers. I would only be for a smoking ban if they leave the dispensers out to use or else the ground will look like snow with all the cigarette butts on the ground.”

“If there was a smoking ban I’d be late for class!” said Breanna Meagher.

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