Don’t be Sad about S.A.D.

Winter is here and the weather is changing, and that could mean big changes on people’s psychological state.

Ask yourself: during the winter months, do you suffer from depression, anxiety, change of appetite, or even withdraw socially?  If you have one or more symptoms like this, than you may have Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.).

Despite how silly it might be to think the weather can literally make you gloomy, this type of depression can become a serious problem, leading to thoughts in suicide, substance abuse, and other problems in your personal life.  A few reasons for S.A.D. is reduction in sunlight during the winter time, the shorter days and longer nights, and even hereditary.

If you have this form of depression and need help, stop by at the UWS Student Health and Counseling Services, located in MWC 1729 where you can set up an appointment.  Also, try exercising or going outside in the sunlight to see if that will help, even if it’s cloudy.

Remember, just because winter is chilly, it doesn’t mean you have to be S.A.D.

Michael Shaw -- The Stinger
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