OPINION: Being sold a bill of goods while paying for a house we can ill afford

Being sold a bill of goods while paying for a house we can ill afford.
Chancellor Wachter talked about the need for a pay plan for all the employees of University of Wisconsin – Superior. I agree with her. I have talked to people representing more than one pay-grade, here on campus; everyone has been hurt.
Then there was the brief mention that majors and minors would be looked at, along with general education practices, to see what programs could be adjusted or consolidated.
Then there was all that talk about recruitment and retention, and how much each student meant to the University in cold, hard cash. And how all new money coming into the university system from the state was going to programs to enhance the degrees and earning potential of people already working.
This house we can ill afford was built by the State Legislature; the same legislature that is year by year cutting the funds to pay for it, thrusting the burden of debt onto the students present and future who are depending on this house to shelter them, to foster their growth. While cutting funds for those just beginning their adult paths, this same legislature is showering money on people who have already left the house.
 Students will pay for this house in so many ways; increased tuition, increased class size, limiting options of when to take a class and worse yet – what classes are available.
It is well past time for students of UW Superior to stand up and demand that the system work for them, and not for the people who have already left the house.
Kirsten Scheid
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