Fabric of the Boundary Waters

The newest art exhibit in Holden’s Third Floor Gallery is filled with mixed-media: papier-mâché, col­lages, sculp­ture, tex­tiles, and even hand­made diver lures.  Step­ping through the gallery doors, vis­i­tors may won­der if they’ve taken a step out­side, because there’s a lot of nature in this show!

Artist Colette Wolfe began this work in the sum­mer of 2012 but has been cre­at­ing art all her life.  For this show, the Bound­ary Waters is her main theme mixed with Native Amer­i­can phi­los­o­phy.  She first paid a visit to the Bound­ary Waters at the age of sev­en­teen and even­tu­ally decided to bring it into her art.

What good is art if you can’t share it?” said Wolfe.  “Let them come on a jour­ney with you.”

This jour­ney takes the viewer through a num­ber of pieces made from fab­ric and paper and other mate­ri­als, all cre­ated one slice at a time to cap­ture Wolfe’s expe­ri­ence of the North Shore.  There’s a com­pass with a hand­made lan­yard, a loon with guinea hen feath­ers, a win­dow to the McQuade Safe Har­bor, and a musky with exotic tex­ture.  There’s also a quilt in the mak­ing, made by Wolfe and a num­ber of stu­dents she’s teaching.

Vis­i­tors might notice a sec­tion of the show that seems to be filled with lit­ter.  Read the title card.  “Leave No Trace” is a mes­sage to all who wish to visit the Bound­ary Waters.  Because it’s a huge envi­ron­men­tal loca­tion, home to much wildlife, all who take a trip there are asked to have rev­er­ence and see that any­thing brought into the area, includ­ing trash, it taken out, and thus, leav­ing no trace.

Colette Wolfe thanks her friends and fam­ily for help­ing her gather the pieces for the show and for being there with her through the happening.

Colette is hop­ing to sell her work, every last piece.  For those inter­ested in buy­ing, you can con­tact Wolfe to dis­cuss prices through her phone num­ber: 218–340-1977, or her e-mail address: wolfetrack@aol.com.  Hurry!  This exhibit ends on the first of the December.

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