Fabric of the Boundary Waters

The newest art exhibit in Holden’s Third Floor Gallery is filled with mixed-media: papier-mâché, collages, sculpture, textiles, and even handmade diver lures.  Stepping through the gallery doors, visitors may wonder if they’ve taken a step outside, because there’s a lot of nature in this show!

Artist Colette Wolfe began this work in the summer of 2012 but has been creating art all her life.  For this show, the Boundary Waters is her main theme mixed with Native American philosophy.  She first paid a visit to the Boundary Waters at the age of seventeen and eventually decided to bring it into her art.

“What good is art if you can’t share it?” said Wolfe.  “Let them come on a journey with you.”

This journey takes the viewer through a number of pieces made from fabric and paper and other materials, all created one slice at a time to capture Wolfe’s experience of the North Shore.  There’s a compass with a handmade lanyard, a loon with guinea hen feathers, a window to the McQuade Safe Harbor, and a musky with exotic texture.  There’s also a quilt in the making, made by Wolfe and a number of students she’s teaching.

Visitors might notice a section of the show that seems to be filled with litter.  Read the title card.  “Leave No Trace” is a message to all who wish to visit the Boundary Waters.  Because it’s a huge environmental location, home to much wildlife, all who take a trip there are asked to have reverence and see that anything brought into the area, including trash, it taken out, and thus, leaving no trace.

Colette Wolfe thanks her friends and family for helping her gather the pieces for the show and for being there with her through the happening.

Colette is hoping to sell her work, every last piece.  For those interested in buying, you can contact Wolfe to discuss prices through her phone number: 218-340-1977, or her e-mail address: wolfetrack@aol.com.  Hurry!  This exhibit ends on the first of the December.

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