The totally real beauty show

What do you con­sider beauty to be? The per­fect hair? Nice clothes? A Victoria’s Secret body?

On Tues­day night, Novem­ber 20,  stu­dents and fac­ulty gath­ered in the YU Great Room to watch the Totally Real Beauty Show, pre­pared by stu­dents of Bri­anna Evans’ classes paired with the Gen­der and Equity Resource Cen­ter and the Alliance. The show aimed to answer the ques­tion of what is truly beau­ti­ful. Not the con­ven­tional thought of beauty, not what your class­mates con­sider as beauty, and not what the media por­trays as beauty, but what you, your­self think beauty means.

How do you define some­thing as diverse as beauty?” Bryan Lester asked as he stood in front of the crowd. Per­spec­tives change, we are all com­pletely dif­fer­ent and so is our view of beauty.Bryan believes that actions, accep­tance, and growth, espe­cially in one­self, are all beau­ti­ful traits in a person.

A sec­ond speaker, Heather, described her ideals of beauty as what she had grown up with. Grow­ing up in a close-minded fam­ily, she had a hard time speak­ing and think­ing for her­self. Heather began to think that beauty, accord­ing to every­one else’s views, was the most impor­tant thing. She said that when you begin to lis­ten to what oth­ers think, then you begin to believe them. After high school, Heather began wear­ing and doing what she wanted to which is what made her into the strong woman she is today.

The best luck is to not look at things such as the media, remem­ber what you are,” explained Heather.

Tammy, the third speaker, has gone through life as a larger per­son and at times strug­gled with what she thought was beau­ti­ful.  These three things are the most beau­ti­ful in any per­son to her: hap­pi­ness, joy, and a smile. . Tammy described that when you can see another’s hap­pi­ness you can just feel their beauty.

Real beauty is not what peo­ple see, it’s what they per­ceive,” Tammy stated.

Tammy then had every­one in the crowd take a piece of paper and write down three things that they con­sider beau­ti­ful about them­selves, some­thing that she does to reflect and put a bet­ter per­spec­tive on things. She chal­lenged every­one in the audi­ence to be thank­ful for what makes them beautiful.

A fash­ion show fol­lowed and every­one in atten­dance was invited get up on the run­way.  The Totally Real Beauty Show ended with a slideshow con­sist­ing of hun­dreds of pic­tures and say­ings describ­ing what beauty truly means.

So what exactly is beauty? There is no clear cut answer; beauty is what­ever you per­ceive and believe it to be, and that is why beauty is beautiful!

Images cour­tesy of Katie Wilk­er­son — The Stinger
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