What do you think real beauty is?

Raeanna Marnati -- The Stinger
On Tuesday, November 20, the Yellow Jacket Union Great Room will be transformed by “totally real” beauty.  The “Totally Real” beauty show was a show that started out as a very small activism project for a class (3-5 hours of work), and has blown up since the idea was set forth.  Volunteers and supportive faculty and staff here on campus have helped turn this small show into something much larger.

The “Totally Real Beauty Show” partners students in one of Brianna Evans’ classes with the Gender and Equity Resource Center and the Alliance to create this first-of-its kind show. Students involved feel that beauty is skewed beyond recognition and would like to counter with a show about what beauty really means to people in this area.

“I hope to use the show to ‘stick it to’ mainstream media that tells us there is a beauty ideal,” said Debbie Burmeister, “which for the vast majority of humans is completely unattainable.”

So what is it that makes a person truly beautiful? Is it the way the media portrays, or is it greater than that? Is it external or is it internal?

Take the time to stop by this show and hear from other students what beauty is to them and what makes them “beautiful”.

“I’m hoping that the people who attend will share the things they think are beautiful and walk away with a little broader view on beauty,” said Burmeister.

The show begins at 7 PM on November 20 in the Yellow Jacket Union Great Room.

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