What do you think real beauty is?

Raeanna Mar­nati — The Stinger
On Tues­day, Novem­ber 20, the Yel­low Jacket Union Great Room will be trans­formed by “totally real” beauty.  The “Totally Real” beauty show was a show that started out as a very small activism project for a class (3–5 hours of work), and has blown up since the idea was set forth.  Vol­un­teers and sup­port­ive fac­ulty and staff here on cam­pus have helped turn this small show into some­thing much larger.

The “Totally Real Beauty Show” part­ners stu­dents in one of Bri­anna Evans’ classes with the Gen­der and Equity Resource Cen­ter and the Alliance to cre­ate this first-of-its kind show. Stu­dents involved feel that beauty is skewed beyond recog­ni­tion and would like to counter with a show about what beauty really means to peo­ple in this area.

I hope to use the show to ‘stick it to’ main­stream media that tells us there is a beauty ideal,” said Deb­bie Burmeis­ter, “which for the vast major­ity of humans is com­pletely unattainable.”

So what is it that makes a per­son truly beau­ti­ful? Is it the way the media por­trays, or is it greater than that? Is it exter­nal or is it internal?

Take the time to stop by this show and hear from other stu­dents what beauty is to them and what makes them “beautiful”.

I’m hop­ing that the peo­ple who attend will share the things they think are beau­ti­ful and walk away with a lit­tle broader view on beauty,” said Burmeister.

The show begins at 7 PM on Novem­ber 20 in the Yel­low Jacket Union Great Room.

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