Writing, for pizza and fun

Some may not know this but Novem­ber at UW-Superior is National Novel Writ­ing Month.  To cel­e­brate, the Writ­ing Cen­ter in Swen­son Hall held a lit­tle novel writ­ing activ­ity this last Tues­day by Eng­lish Pro­fes­sor Deb­o­rah Schlacks.

Sadly, not many came to the event.  Still, seven is enough to have a party.  We began with a lit­tle writ­ing exer­cise where we all took part in writ­ing a small story as a group.  We write one line, pass it to the next per­son, and then write another line, adding to the story one line at a time.  Some of these turned out to be quite humor­ous, and a smidge con­fus­ing.  Nev­er­the­less, a fun start.

Those who came were treated to some Domino’s Pizza and Loft House cook­ies.  Need­less to say, very tasty.

Then, three stu­dents put their skills to work in writ­ing a novel under a short time.  Obvi­ously they couldn’t write a whole novel in under an hour, but that didn’t stop them from writ­ing what­ever their imag­i­na­tion could cook up.  One wrote using a com­puter; the other two flew their pens across note­book paper.  What­ever they wrote about is anyone’s guess.  Writ­ing Cen­ter t-shirts were the prize.

All in all, a good time.  It’s a shame no one else came, there were lots of cook­ies left­over.  They had to be given away!

Michael Shaw — The Stinger
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