UWS cultural night

The 16th annual Cul­tural Night at UW — Supe­rior was once again spot­lighted on Novem­ber 10. Stu­dents from 36 coun­tries used their evening to share songs, dance, music and cloth­ing from their own and other cultures.

Those who attended the event were also treated to the cul­tural foods. The din­ner, served in the Great Room of the Yel­low Jacket Union included foods like Hot and Sour Soup from China, African Gin­ger Juice, Japan­ese Sea­weed Salad and Brazil­ian Brigaderro. A slide show on the big screens played pho­tos of the stu­dents prepar­ing their activ­i­ties and enjoy­ing events with the UWS World Stu­dent Asso­ci­a­tion (WSA). Atten­dees were asked to give their extra change to UNICEF as a fundraiser to help those in need.

At the cul­tural show, things got mov­ing quickly with a flag cer­e­mony and wel­come from the flag bear­ers in Eng­lish or their native lan­guage. The theme of the event was “We’re Born this Way,” allud­ing to the real­ity that peo­ple have var­i­ous cul­tures and tra­di­tions based on where they were born, and we need to learn to accept those dif­fer­ences and cel­e­brate them. There were per­for­mances from Nepal, South Korea, Sri Lanka, China and Japan, among oth­ers. Vio­lins, gui­tars, drums, voices, hands and feet were used to con­vey the energy of the par­tic­i­pants. A fash­ion show boasted beau­ti­ful cloth­ing from coun­tries includ­ing Uganda, Liberia, Eritrea, Cameroon and Bangladesh.

The large crowd that attended Cul­tural Night was enthu­si­as­tic about the show and made quite a racket after each act. Mon­ica Siu, vice pres­i­dent of the WSA, enjoyed not only the prepa­ra­tions for the event, but also par­tic­i­pat­ing in the Latin dance. She said the event was a lot of work, but turned out well. Eve­lyn Hagfeldt, a UWS alumni and employee, said she came back from Florida because she loves the WSA and enjoys get­ting to know the inter­na­tional stu­dents who attend UWS.

I was part of WSA back when I came to school here [in the 70s] when it was just start­ing out and I loved being a part of it and learn­ing about other cul­tures,” said Hagfeldt. She loved the cul­tural show once again this year, and her only dis­ap­point­ment was that she wanted to see more of the tra­di­tional inter­na­tional cloth­ing — both dur­ing the fash­ion show and being worn by those who attended. But she said she comes back every year because she loves the show and loves to encour­age the inter­na­tional students.

The final act of the cul­tural show was another big hit, not only for the audi­ence, but for the cast as well. It was a ren­di­tion of the Gang­nam Style dance that has taken the world by storm lately.  The audi­ence of the cul­tural show got a chance to par­tic­i­pate by danc­ing ener­get­i­cally to a short por­tion of the song, then get­ting wildly into the atmos­phere of the song as those in the act danced to it. Many in the audi­ence even danced their way out of the build­ing and into the foggy night.

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