UWS cultural night

The 16th annual Cultural Night at UW – Superior was once again spotlighted on November 10. Students from 36 countries used their evening to share songs, dance, music and clothing from their own and other cultures.

Those who attended the event were also treated to the cultural foods. The dinner, served in the Great Room of the Yellow Jacket Union included foods like Hot and Sour Soup from China, African Ginger Juice, Japanese Seaweed Salad and Brazilian Brigaderro. A slide show on the big screens played photos of the students preparing their activities and enjoying events with the UWS World Student Association (WSA). Attendees were asked to give their extra change to UNICEF as a fundraiser to help those in need.

At the cultural show, things got moving quickly with a flag ceremony and welcome from the flag bearers in English or their native language. The theme of the event was “We’re Born this Way,” alluding to the reality that people have various cultures and traditions based on where they were born, and we need to learn to accept those differences and celebrate them. There were performances from Nepal, South Korea, Sri Lanka, China and Japan, among others. Violins, guitars, drums, voices, hands and feet were used to convey the energy of the participants. A fashion show boasted beautiful clothing from countries including Uganda, Liberia, Eritrea, Cameroon and Bangladesh.

The large crowd that attended Cultural Night was enthusiastic about the show and made quite a racket after each act. Monica Siu, vice president of the WSA, enjoyed not only the preparations for the event, but also participating in the Latin dance. She said the event was a lot of work, but turned out well. Evelyn Hagfeldt, a UWS alumni and employee, said she came back from Florida because she loves the WSA and enjoys getting to know the international students who attend UWS.

“I was part of WSA back when I came to school here [in the 70s] when it was just starting out and I loved being a part of it and learning about other cultures,” said Hagfeldt. She loved the cultural show once again this year, and her only disappointment was that she wanted to see more of the traditional international clothing – both during the fashion show and being worn by those who attended. But she said she comes back every year because she loves the show and loves to encourage the international students.

The final act of the cultural show was another big hit, not only for the audience, but for the cast as well. It was a rendition of the Gangnam Style dance that has taken the world by storm lately.  The audience of the cultural show got a chance to participate by dancing energetically to a short portion of the song, then getting wildly into the atmosphere of the song as those in the act danced to it. Many in the audience even danced their way out of the building and into the foggy night.

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