Open Mic Night continues to be a success

October 19th saw the second open mic night of the year in the Yellow Jacket Union . There was a wide array of performers ranging from a capella to a magic trick. The audience laughed with the MC’s transitions, and clapped loudly with every fantastic act until the night ended and the performers got together on stage to play their annual Closing Time.

Catherine Wtersky went up on stage and did an original dance to the Jackson 5 hit I Want You Back. Ali Richarett, Zoe Sherer both did acoustic guitar and singing acts. Nick Short sang with Maija and Jared preforming an All Time Low song, as well as later on independent vocals with pianist David P.

Teri Cadeau did a hilarious display of her magical talents to pull a bunny out of a seemingly empty hat. Ben Birdseye used looping technology to make a one-man band. It went smoothly and sounded like there were a dozen guitar players and singers on stage.

The night was a great success. The seats were filled and the audience was entertained by the talent that was presented to them.

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