Leadership Fun.

Jenice Meyer and Ann Miller were facilitators at Wednesday’s Leadership Seminar, “What is Citizenship,” a fun discussion of the rewards and responsibilities of being part of a community.

Meghan O’Toole-Gott organizes the Leadership Seminars as part of her internship with Campus Life. She arranges the date, picks the topic, and gathers the facilitators, but doesn’t dictate how the individual nights are run. The seminars are by design just an hour long – just a little break in a busy schedule.

When asked why she picked the topic of citizenship, Meghan responded, “This is an intense transitional period while in school. When you fill out your taxes, you don’t put down “dishwasher” under occupation, you put down “student.” Then you go out into the world as an adult with responsibility in the community.”

The session began with Jenice Meyer (of Academic Service Learning) going over definitions of what a citizen is and the many ways of being an active part in the give-and-take of your community. Ann Miller (Assistant Dean of Students) finished up the evening with a white-board talk about the different levels of involvement that are available to someone participating in a volunteer organization.

Next Wednesday’s topic is the history of Superior, led by Warren Bender, alderperson for our fair city, and our own Lynn Williams, director of marketing and communications. All they would say is, be ready to be surprised by what you don’t know about Superior.

Kirsten Scheid -- The Stinger

Jasmyn Marten and Meghan O'Toole-Gott at Wednesday's Leadership Seminar.

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