UWS Experiences the Live Looping of Preston Pugmire

Mon­ica Siu Siu — The Stinger
Pre­ston Pug­mire at the YU Atrium

Thurs­day night the Yel­low­jacket Union got hyped up by the loop­ing music artist Pre­ston Pug­mire as he brought to life a unique music style.

Spon­sored by the Yel­low­jacket Activ­i­ties Crew, the eight o’clock event started with an audi­ence of 21 peo­ple. As Pug­mire grad­u­ally began to intro­duce the loop­ing tech­nique as well as his per­sonal style and energy, fol­low­ing the beats of his songs, the audi­ence soon dou­bled its size to about 44. Loop­ing is a form of electro-acoustic music that con­sists of repeated sound mate­r­ial that cre­ates a loop pat­tern using musi­cal tech­nol­ogy such as syn­the­siz­ers, tape machines, and even com­puter software.

Mon­ica Siu Siu — The Stinger


For his one hour con­cert at the YU Atrium, Pug­mire sang many love songs. He rem­i­nisced about a time when he wrote a song to show his love for a girl. He brought her to one of his con­certs and sang in such a way that she knew it was her he was singing about, with­out any­one in the audi­ence real­iz­ing it. Using this as an exam­ple, Pug­mire reveals how engaged he is with the process of pro­duc­ing music.

If you want to get mar­ried, you’ve got to write a song,” the artist replied.

Three years later him and the woman he wrote a song about were married.

Pug­mire had a very goofy way of engag­ing with his audi­ence. For his next song he sang through a mega­phone and stepped off stage to walk around the audi­ence. He enter­tained him­self as much as he enter­tained his audi­ence; he danced with a female stu­dent, sat on a guy’s lap, and stepped on top of a table as he con­tin­ued singing. Later, he com­mented to not be alarmed that this is what he usu­ally does in his concerts.

Mon­ica Siu Siu — The Stinger

Record­ing fin­ger snap sounds live.

He also demon­strated how he does his loop­ing by record­ing his voice, sounds he made with his mouth, gui­tar strokes, and even the fin­ger snaps of a stu­dent he brought onto stage using a sam­pler. These recorded rhythms were then loaded into the com­puter and com­bined with other musi­cal sounds to cre­ate a loop out of scratch that he used as the beats to his songs.

At the end of the live con­cert, he per­formed a song solely in acapella, con­tin­u­ing with the r&b style pro­duced in his pre­vi­ous songs. A draw­ing for his CD took place after­wards, which took three calls of absen­tees until we finally got a winner.

You can get a spe­cial of a t-shirt and his CD record for $25 or buy his album songs through iTunes. For more infor­ma­tion on Pre­ston Pug­mire visit his website:

prestonpugmire.com/ or fol­low him on Face­book, Twit­ter, or MySpace.

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