UWS Experiences the Live Looping of Preston Pugmire

Monica Siu Siu -- The Stinger
Preston Pugmire at the YU Atrium

Thursday night the Yellowjacket Union got hyped up by the looping music artist Preston Pugmire as he brought to life a unique music style.

Sponsored by the Yellowjacket Activities Crew, the eight o’clock event started with an audience of 21 people. As Pugmire gradually began to introduce the looping technique as well as his personal style and energy, following the beats of his songs, the audience soon doubled its size to about 44. Looping is a form of electro-acoustic music that consists of repeated sound material that creates a loop pattern using musical technology such as synthesizers, tape machines, and even computer software.

Monica Siu Siu -- The Stinger


For his one hour concert at the YU Atrium, Pugmire sang many love songs. He reminisced about a time when he wrote a song to show his love for a girl. He brought her to one of his concerts and sang in such a way that she knew it was her he was singing about, without anyone in the audience realizing it. Using this as an example, Pugmire reveals how engaged he is with the process of producing music.

“If you want to get married, you’ve got to write a song,” the artist replied.

Three years later him and the woman he wrote a song about were married.

Pugmire had a very goofy way of engaging with his audience. For his next song he sang through a megaphone and stepped off stage to walk around the audience. He entertained himself as much as he entertained his audience; he danced with a female student, sat on a guy’s lap, and stepped on top of a table as he continued singing. Later, he commented to not be alarmed that this is what he usually does in his concerts.

Monica Siu Siu -- The Stinger

Recording finger snap sounds live.

He also demonstrated how he does his looping by recording his voice, sounds he made with his mouth, guitar strokes, and even the finger snaps of a student he brought onto stage using a sampler. These recorded rhythms were then loaded into the computer and combined with other musical sounds to create a loop out of scratch that he used as the beats to his songs.

At the end of the live concert, he performed a song solely in acapella, continuing with the r&b style produced in his previous songs. A drawing for his CD took place afterwards, which took three calls of absentees until we finally got a winner.

You can get a special of a t-shirt and his CD record for $25 or buy his album songs through iTunes. For more information on Preston Pugmire visit his website:

prestonpugmire.com/ or follow him on Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace.

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