OPINION: A safe, but solid performance from The Well Reds

Raeanna Marnati -- The Stinger

Gracing the stage at the Yellowjacket Union on Tuesday was the Pop-Rock band, “The Well Reds,” from Atlanta, GA.

The quartet started their hour and fifteen minute set at 8pm with an audience of over 40 people. It only took about 30 seconds for the ever- growing crowd to start dancing in their seats to their fun and energetic opener. According to their Facebook page, The Well Reds have been working together since 2008, and it showed from their flawless performance, minus the slight technical difficulties with a guitar string early in the set.

Despite their incredibly tight playing and excellent vocals and harmonies, I did have a few problems with them. First, and this might not even be their fault, the balance was not satisfactory. I could see their lips moving, but I could only hear the overwhelming volume of the drums and guitars. This is typical of many live performances, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying. Second, the ratio of original songs to covers was about 50/50. If I were an up and coming rock band, I would want my audience, no matter how small, to hear as much of my original works as possible. That being said, the crowd absolutely loved them. So, even though I disapprove of them using too many covers, they at least made smart choices when deciding which songs they would use. However, it was sometimes tough to differentiate between their original music and their covers. Which brings me to my third and final complaint: There was nothing new and exciting. Perhaps I’m being too hard on them, because they performed very well and I enjoyed their set, but I think they could go a little further and take a few more risks. There were a couple of times when I heard little hints of something interesting that I hadn’t really heard before, but that would only last for a few seconds and then they would go back to their less intriguing, cookie-cutter style where there was never a shortage of “ohs” and “woahs.” This is what bothered me the most. The fact that The Well Reds have amazing talent and huge potential to write some awesome music didn’t seem to show in their original works.

Raeanna Marnati -- The Stinger

Overall, The Well Reds had a successful evening at UWS. People were smiling and clapping continuously. There was even one audience member who danced by the stage for most of the concert. The Yellowjacket Activities Crew couldn’t have picked a better band to start out the school year.

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