OPINION: A safe, but solid performance from The Well Reds

Raeanna Mar­nati — The Stinger

Grac­ing the stage at the Yel­low­jacket Union on Tues­day was the Pop-Rock band, “The Well Reds,” from Atlanta, GA.

The quar­tet started their hour and fif­teen minute set at 8pm with an audi­ence of over 40 peo­ple. It only took about 30 sec­onds for the ever– grow­ing crowd to start danc­ing in their seats to their fun and ener­getic opener. Accord­ing to their Face­book page, The Well Reds have been work­ing together since 2008, and it showed from their flaw­less per­for­mance, minus the slight tech­ni­cal dif­fi­cul­ties with a gui­tar string early in the set.

Despite their incred­i­bly tight play­ing and excel­lent vocals and har­monies, I did have a few prob­lems with them. First, and this might not even be their fault, the bal­ance was not sat­is­fac­tory. I could see their lips mov­ing, but I could only hear the over­whelm­ing vol­ume of the drums and gui­tars. This is typ­i­cal of many live per­for­mances, but that doesn’t make it any less annoy­ing. Sec­ond, the ratio of orig­i­nal songs to cov­ers was about 50/50. If I were an up and com­ing rock band, I would want my audi­ence, no mat­ter how small, to hear as much of my orig­i­nal works as pos­si­ble. That being said, the crowd absolutely loved them. So, even though I dis­ap­prove of them using too many cov­ers, they at least made smart choices when decid­ing which songs they would use. How­ever, it was some­times tough to dif­fer­en­ti­ate between their orig­i­nal music and their cov­ers. Which brings me to my third and final com­plaint: There was noth­ing new and excit­ing. Per­haps I’m being too hard on them, because they per­formed very well and I enjoyed their set, but I think they could go a lit­tle fur­ther and take a few more risks. There were a cou­ple of times when I heard lit­tle hints of some­thing inter­est­ing that I hadn’t really heard before, but that would only last for a few sec­onds and then they would go back to their less intrigu­ing, cookie-cutter style where there was never a short­age of “ohs” and “woahs.” This is what both­ered me the most. The fact that The Well Reds have amaz­ing tal­ent and huge poten­tial to write some awe­some music didn’t seem to show in their orig­i­nal works.

Raeanna Mar­nati — The Stinger

Over­all, The Well Reds had a suc­cess­ful evening at UWS. Peo­ple were smil­ing and clap­ping con­tin­u­ously. There was even one audi­ence mem­ber who danced by the stage for most of the con­cert. The Yel­low­jacket Activ­i­ties Crew couldn’t have picked a bet­ter band to start out the school year.

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